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Questions? Email us at quadnpro@gmail.com or check out www.quadnproductions.com if you are looking for our photos.

Sports Photography

Sports Photography


Want us to come to your game?  We would love to!
You have a couple different options.  Please contact us to see if your date is open.

1.  GAME COVERAGE:  We come cover the game (both teams for the entire game) with some extra attention given towards your athlete.  We do our best to get quality shots of every player that plays, and shots of bench, coaches, officials, and spectators when appropriate.  You get either 20 free 4x6 images from the event, or a low resolution CD of up to 10 images for social media use (no print release).  You also get a 20% off code to use on additional prints from that event.  The online gallery will be available for both teams, and other parents/coaches are welcome to purchase prints from us.  Cost is $65 plus .50 cents per round trip mile.

2.  INDIVIDUAL COVERAGE:  We come to capture your athlete(s) and will focus on your athlete anytime that he/she is participating in the event.  Our photographer will arrive at least 30 minutes before the event and do a quick individual shot if you desire.  You will receive a low resolution CD of the images that we capture (no print release). You also receive a 30% discount code to use on prints from www.quadnproductions.com.  This gallery will be sent to you privately and will only be available to those that you share the link with.  We will also design a custom poster with images from the game that will be available for you to purchase at our regular print prices, plus a custom Facebook banner and profile picture.   Cost is $300 plus 50 cents per round trip mile.

If you desire something different, please feel free to contact us for a quote.  810-853-8993 or quadnpro@gmail.com