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Selmer Signet Special (Stock #167)

Selmer Signet Special (Stock #167)


The Selmer Signet Special is a beautiful step up wooden clarinet and has just been professionally overhauled. This would be a great choice for a beginner, or a progressing student that wants to upgrade.

Our wooden clarinets have been completely checked over, cleaned, disinfected, play tested, and serviced as necessary.  Instruments have either been put in “good playing condition” (any issues taken care of), “repaded” (instrument disassembled and new pads and necessary corks installed), or “overhauled” (instrument disassembled, new pads, new key corks, new tenon corks, keys polished, and any other issues taken care of).  This instrument has been overhauled.

Our wooden clarinets come with a used cleaned/disinfected mouthpiece and ligature, the pictured case, and a basic accessory pack (cork grease, swab, and reed).  A new mouthpiece/ligature kit, or case can be purchased separately, as well as a woodwind clarinet accessory kit.  

Selmer Signet Wooden Clarinets are in intermediate lines of clarinets, and come in three different models.  The Signet 100 is the base model, the Signet Special is given “extra consideration” in the quality of the wood, and the Signet Soloist is given the “most consideration in quality of wood and key fitting”.  All of the clarinets are good quality, and normally when purchasing used, you can add about $50 for the Special and about $100 for the Soloist.