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Classic Student Trombone - NEW

Classic Student Trombone - NEW


Special order item - usually takes about a week to get in stock

A .500 Bore with 8.5” Bell gives this trombone a rich powerful warm sound. Nickel Silver Inner and Outer Slides are symmetrically designed with a balancing weight for easy handling.

Includes 12C Mouthpiece and Deluxe Pod Case.

This trombone comes in brass lacquer, brass with a rose brass bell, or nickel plated (silver color).  You can let us know what you prefer, but we usually can't pick what variation that we get. 

 This instrument can be ordered even if we are out of stock.  Delivery to you will take 7-10 days.    We often can get these as Rental Returns (meaning they were rented out for 6 months of less) and those are available for $250.  Contact us to see if one is available.

This model is very similar to the Yamaha 354 or the Bach TB300 trombone.  It has been tested and approved by multiple area band directors, and several schools have purchased this instrument for their band program.  

Retail Price is $990 for this instrument