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Step It Up Studios 2016 Dance Recital DVD

Step It Up Studios 2016 Dance Recital DVD


Step It Up 4th Annual Spring Recital held at Lakers Schools.  Please carefully review available options.
             Bay Port Studio Recital DVD  - held on May 6th & 7th
             Bad Axe Studio Recital DVD - held on May 7th and 8th
The DVD includes each of the 2016 recital dances from one of the two performances,  recorded from at least 2 different camera angles, and comes in a traditional DVD case with insert and labeled disc.

Personal DVDs include your choice of 2 dances (from either Recital)
If ordering online, please leave dance name and studio location in comments at checkout.

For each of those dances you will receive:
1 – fully edited version of the dance from both performances 
1 – custom labeled DVD (let us know what you want on the label)

We use high quality HD cameras and high quality DVDs to give you the best product that we can.
Please contact with questions or quotes on additional requests at quadnpro@gmail.com

$3 Shipping and $5 short run (for DVD's from events more than a month in the past) fee are included in the price.