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Moten Swing (Jazz Ensemble with Concert Band)

Moten Swing (Jazz Ensemble with Concert Band)


Moten Swing is a Jazz Ensemble with concert band accompaniment piece written by John Wasson and published by Belwin

The piece is graded "Jazz Ensemble 3-4 and Concert Band 2-3)

All of our concert band music is new, unused and from music stores that have went out of business.
Some of the pieces are a year or two old, but others are 10+ years old.
Recordings of many of these pieces can be found on J.W.Pepper website or on the publishers site.
We are pricing this music low to move quickly (most of this music lists at $45+), and there are no returns on the music.
If you purchase multiple pieces we will refund the shipping ($6) on the additional pieces.
The price of $21 includes shipping and is figured at $15 per piece with $6 shipping.
If you are interested in 10+ pieces, please contact us for a quote.
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