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Model 300 Euphonium/Baritone - 3 valve - NEW

Model 300 Euphonium/Baritone - 3 valve - NEW


The Model 300 Euphonium/Baritone is a lightweight/free blowing instrument that provides a darker tone than a traditional bell front baritone. 

The modern valve blocks with monel plating will last for decades. It has an open wrap design which virtually eliminates sharp bends so the air flows in a smoother fashion.

The Model 300 comes standard with a  mouthpiece and case.  Key of Bb. Non-compensating.

 This instrument can be ordered even if we are out of stock.  Delivery to you will take 7-10 days.   

This model is very similar to the Yamaha 301 Euphonium.  It has been tested and approved by multiple area band directors, and several schools have purchased this instrument for their band program.  

Retail Price is $1460 for this instrument