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Gemeinhardt 3SH Flute (#195)

Gemeinhardt 3SH Flute (#195)


Gemeinhardt is one of the most respected names in flutes. The “3” means this flute is a step up, open-hole model, with an inline G key.  The “SH” stands for Silver Head which means the flute has a solid silver head joint, versus the standard model which is silver plated nickel.  The silver head helps a student produce a much “warmer” flute sound that is more pleasant to listen to.

This flute has been professionally serviced and cleaned, and is in good playing condition.  It has some light scratches and tarnish, but nothing through through the silver, or anything that would effect playing.  Flute comes with the standard case, cleaning cloth, and rod. 

This flute retails for $1400 new