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2016 ExcelDance Studio of Arts DVD and Photos

2016 ExcelDance Studio of Arts DVD and Photos


Multi video camera angles combined into one stream of each dance for the June 4th, 2016 show.

Your order will include 2 DVD's in order to keep videos at the highest quality.
DVD's will be shipped directly to you approximately 3 weeks after the event.  

DVD's are $25 for the first and $22 or each additional.  If you want to order more than 3, please contact us for a custom invoice.  

Pictures will be taken during the rehearsal of the dances.  You can order a CD of images from a single dance that will include 25-40 pictures of that one dance.  You will receive a 4x6 inch print release for the images, and may use the images for personal use (like scrapbooks, calendars, and other multi image special projects).   Individual images and larger prints will be available at www.quadnproductions.shootproof.com a couple days after the performance.

If ordering a Photo CD be sure to leave a note at check out of which dance you are requesting. 

For Personal DVDs you can select any TWO dances (be sure to leave a note when checking out to lest us know which dances you want).  If the dance(s) happened during the rehearsal, you will receive the rehearsal version AND the recital version.  If not, then you will just receive the recital versions.

Orders may be placed at the show with cash or check.  Credit Card and Pay Pal orders may ONLY be placed online in order to help protect your credit card information.  Sales tax IS charged on all online orders.

$3 Shipping and $5 short run (for DVD's from events more than a month in the past) fee are included in the price.